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Malfunction "666"

Failure to communicate

Ugg, Ugg, chest beating, cave paintings, spoken languages, hieroglyphs, and various other written languages share a common goal, communication. It is the only thing that we as homo sapiens have developed exponentially over other animal species. It is largely the reason we are the apex animal on the planet. As far as communication skills go, we have one of the most advanced neo cortexes, one of the most advanced sets of vocal cords, along with the opposing thump, we truly possess communication superpowers!

So why in the “____” are we still having devastating wars, senseless divisions inside and outside of our families for all sorts of “______ up” excuses, and worse of all toxic minds committed not to do a “_____” thing about it! Plain and simple humanity is infected with what I call “malfunction 666” failure to communicate. In this Blog, we will expose the disease for what it is and provide you the cure and the “vaccination” to prevent reinfection.

Before we begin identifying the causes of failure to communicate, we must acknowledge that for a small but increasing number of people, failure to communicate is actually a disguise for their true intent DECEPTION. Yeah, Yeah Yeah, we all know about the reputations of politicians and lawyers, but now days what about doctors, journalist, and law enforcement at all levels. Let that sink in for a moment…………. We will come back to that later.

COMMUNICATION IS A SURVIVAL SKILL! The purpose of communication in, and between all life forms is survival (metaphysical fact). Let that sink in as well…………………………... All plants and animals communicate in all sorts of ways between their own and outside their own for this reason. Human became the apex animal on this planet largely because of our communication superpowers. Through evolution, natural selection, or fusion of chromosome-2 by the Anunnaki, humans developed the remarkable ability to express internal “things” more effectively than any other species.

I will not bore you with details and befits of being able to tell your hommies where food and water is. Nor will I bore you with the benefits of knowing where predators are. We will time travel back to 3000 BCE Where the Sumerians kept written records of prescriptions, receipts, contracts, love poems and marriage licenses. It is this ability to relay accurate information about our internal and external lives that has served us so well for so long.

Now back to 2022, the Malfunction 666, failure to communicate pandemic has arrived. Think about this for a minute or two. When was the last time you told someone EXACTLY what you were thinking or feeling the very FIRST TIME you attempted to communicate it to them? IKR?!!! We as society have lost the ability to be “Impeccable with our words and actions”. We now rely on innuendoes, hugs, and ughs, and sometimes even asking the person we are communicating with to help us finish our own sentences/thoughts. WTF! This disease is so bad and ramped that in some people severely afflicted, your words and actions can mean anything to them except what the classic definitions are supposed to mean. I.E., a pat on the back and “I Hope you are doing ok” can be interpreted as anything but “I Hope you are doing ok”. Or “No” meaning anything but “No”. Turning order into chaos.

Now how did we get here? It was easy, modern education, fluoride, and lazy people tolerating evil people. The first two for another blog LOL. Now back to the most important reason, lazy ass people putting up with evil people. Where do you think the “White lie” the “small lie”, and “saving their feelings” come from. Uninfected lazy ass humans thinking, saying, and acting like “It’s no big deal” and “It’s easier to avoid the ridicule and conflict”. As a result, we have been “frog boiled”, by evil people, into believing the person who is “IMPECABLE WITH THEIR WORDS AND ACTIONS is now rude, insensitive, and the bad guy.

Solutions, Solutions, Solutions, so how do we exorcise and immunize ourselves and our modern-day world from this evil and savage disease. Well, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the treatments are simple and affordable for most. The bad news is the vaccinations are very expensive.

First the good news, to remove “exorcise” failure to communicate, we must merely overwrite the satanic mindset that has become so pervasive. No worries the perfect prescriptions and instructions are listed in Emanuel Ruiz’s. The Four Agreements.

Spoiler alert! The first agreement is “Be impeccable with your word”. This manual has quick, short, yet very effective actions that must be taken in order for you to rid yourself of the failure to communicate infection. As a bonus it will also rid you of other diseases including, but not limited to procrastination, being “triggered” by other people, and making wrong choices for you and your loved ones.

Now the bad news, the vaccination required to prevent reinfections of failure to communicate will requires an additional four things, CARE, a mirror, WILL, and TIME. That’s right you will have to give not just “a fuck”, but at least “two fucks”, in order to pull this off. These four tools are also interdependent between and upon each other.

The mirror is your personal initial and ongoing assessment tool. It will let you know where you are right now and any progress you are making. When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? I mean the person behind the eyes. Scary, isn’t it? This should be done when you first get up and before lay down for the next 90 days.

Don’t be discouraged it gets easier and better once you apply the other three antidotes.

Care, plain and simple before you make a change, you will have to CARE about where this disease is taking you and everyone else. Here, as a bonus, I will give you the master key to your life. YOUR ENERGY FLOWS WHERE YOUR ATTENTION GOES! In other words, you think the way you think and do what you do, because of what is REALLY important to you, nothing else! You will have to PAY ATTENTION to what you really care about, which at this time should be overwriting the diseased malfunction 666 programming, with the four agreements.

You must have the WILL to COMMIT to the desire and the process of your change. You will know you have obtained the proper amount of WILL, when you can look at yourself in the mirror and without hesitation say “Failure is not an option”. The declaration must not be ended with the now fake ass exclamation point (!), but instead the calm definiteness of a period (.).

Time is required to overwrite and remove all diseased ways of thinking and living. Unlike other animals, Homo Sapiens have brains than can be programmed and reprogrammed in any way desired, including self-destruction or reconstruction. Once a program is fully uploaded it is called a habit. In, what is called the subconscious mind, the habit of malfunction 666 that must be overwritten. How long it will take and how many boosters you will need, depends largely on how much you care and how strong is your will to overcome failure to communicate really is.

In a world that we all can feel is shifting to something drastically different and destructive from days in the past, communication is more important than ever. Effective communication may soon be the survival skill it originally evolved to be. Overwriting Malfunction 666 is the critical step in returning communication to is proper place, HUMAN SURVIVAL. May this blog find you with an open mind and focused heart.

You can find more blogs by Richie Rich at Blog | Urban Armory

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