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The Art of living in a Toxic Environment

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Make no mistake in the title, the age of the toxic lifestyle is vastly permeating the human genome. What does that mean you may asks....

Look out the window at the new normal, amid face masks and inevitably the loss in the ability to see life in the people around you. We are losing the ability to connect with our world and community as no one has a face anymore just eyes and hair. We are not connecting because our personalities no longer exit, we don't smile and if we do how would you know?

Our dignity and humanity are muzzled behind a cloth diaper over our mouth. Inhaling the toxic waste designed for excretion out of our mouths and our noses. We literally are suffocating in our own toxic factory breathing in what was designed to be deposited in nature for cleansing.

Now, look around your home and see how much technology you interface with be it working for your organization in a "Work from home, " position all while hearing the news actors blaring fear porn called DeLt@, V@rI@NT, Omarion, Wuhan fever etc. and every other scary word that on its own are just words with different meanings. Now, these words have dire consequence and can result in the loss of life, freedom, finances and can land you on a watchlist or under ail. Our artificially engineered reality, trapping us in our homes because we FEAR a bug we have never seen. Tech giants posing as "Gods," with no medical backgrounds ORDER the world at large to isolate from everyone and each other. All the while filling our hands with WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION that have us hooked on social media keeping us distracted, disgusted, and disconnected from that which matters most the ability to CARE.

Now the most pivotal look...take a look at your relationships, we were ordered to stay in our homes, to "stop the s....," now it's stay in the house to stop the jabberwakis from making the unjabbed sick or is it vice versus....and take a look at what this has created. Have you looked at the way we treat one another including the ones we claim to love! How many of you and your families has survived this toxic environment that we allowed to permeate our family? How many of you ate the shit that society has poured into our psyche, our hearts, and our spirit...

Were you guilty of ingesting the poisoned pie via listening to hurt and broken people show you how to hurt and break other people?

How did this happen you asks, what does this look like...LOOK IN THE MIRROR?

You absolutely ARE what you eat

So, what is the Art of living in a Toxic Environment and why is this good or bad?

Life shows you shades of what you believe to be perfection and the perpetrators of this "New Normal," developed the blueprint of this canvas a long time ago.

Humanity is living in a real live paint by numbers, this is not a sip and paint party, its not social, and the vast majority of us have no clue our strings are being pulled and not for our enjoyment.

The family is falling apart

The National Law Review cites divorce rates at 34% since the beginning of the pandemic (NLR, October 16, 2020). The article states, "Relationship counselors consistently rank financial stress, boredom, disagreements about parenting, and arguing about household chores as the most common sources of relationship trouble."

Oddly enough when was this any different than any other day in any other household?

I proffer this, it was PLANNED, the shows on the television promote alternative lifestyles the PUSH to "normalize," the LGBTQ community as if they were never a part of our community. Queer folks have always been part of our community and did anyone asks them if they wanted any additional light focused on them. It is as if this population of society never existed, and never were a part of everyday life. We all have or had queer, or trans, members in our families and likely treated them no different today then we always!

Reality TV or as I say "SCRIPTED," reality TV teach the viewer it's OKAY to be deceitful, backstabbing and flat out lie to promote "SELF" as "THE BEST ONE." Dating, falling in love, and uniting is now a Cattle call of over sexualized, mean spirited, and selfish EGO driven individuals. Money and fame lay waste to these folks who play horribly into the narrative and for what purpose other than to keep you distracted from what is important. The pawns on these shows are in all honesty likely decent people who have chosen to participate in ritualized dating schemes shams of everyday life all while subjecting themselves to scrutiny, for the entertrainment of the masses. Yes...I said enter-train-ment and I meant it.

Why is this important

A 2019 article from the Guardian states reality television shows cause anxiety related to body images. A mental health foundation study the effects on reality television citing "one in four people (24%) aged 18-24 say reality TV makes them worry about their body image, (Guardian, 2019).

The study further states, "one in seven (15%) said they had self-harmed or deliberately hurt themselves because of concerns about their body image, and 23% had experienced suicidal thoughts, " (Guardian, 2019).

Social media sites such as Facebook, and Instagram are linked to depression as cited in Forbes magazine online edition. The article dates back to 2016 so this is a known issue and before you say that was more than 5 years ago, a 2021 article from The Drum sites the similar data stating," Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, which also found the more people use Facebook, the higher the levels of envy, which led to feelings of depression. (The Drum 2021).

Social media is causing today's youth around the world to fall into states of depression and or worse. The heads of these organization have known for years this phenomenon occurred and chose to do nothing "Frances Haugen," a former Program Manager for Facebook sheds light on this situation as only someone on the inside can do. Haugen testified before congress and yet after placing her creditability on the line Zuckerberg attempts to dismiss the obvious as detailed in his letter to his staff. The Zuckerberg letter a sobering reality of money over mind, the article outlines the drive is to keep users engaged longer at all costs.

A new term emerged as a result of hiding behind the veil of social media called "cyber bullying". Now bullies can hide behind technology all while wreaking havoc on the lives of others. We have allowed this toxicity to permeate the safety of our homes and our children are suffering the article states most parents are oblivious. The question is why, the reality...we allowed our homes, hearts, and mind to become divided.

The key to understanding where you are rest in understanding how you got there. The suggestion is to deep dive into what your environment looks like. from a place of understanding, this will often reveal clues that were staring you in the face if you were paying attention.

Signs of a toxic environment

The toxins in your home are more than the chemicals you use, the franken food you consume or the mess you listen to and watch on the television. Toxins in your home and family life manifest in many ways. Patterns of behavior are often overlooked as most of us are too cowardly to address them and the rest of us are catatonic, triggered by fear and don't know how to address this. Regardless of which side of this equation you stand on or stood in identify the signs.

  1. Unrealistic expectations- this is a tricky one because a toxic person can have those for you and a person suffering from satanic thoughts exhibits them.

  2. Parental role reversal- are you the parent in the relationship or are you the child parenting the absent parent....and you wander why cyberbullying happens.

  3. Unmet needs- this goes beyond just providing food, clothing, and shelter. Some parents and some partners feel like this is sufficient and completely look past the connection that is important in family relationship. You PAY Attention to those that you CARE about.

  4. Chronic conflict- do you live or have lived in a family relationship where fighting was the "NORM," I had to be reminded that knowing how to take a punch was not a good thing. Punches are not just physical, the verbal punches pierce the psyche and set up patterns for other unhealthy behaviors.

  5. Abuse- in all forms, verbal, physical, and mental abuse. We unconsciously or consciously have incubated satanic behaviors in our homes and families. Who knew we were home growing toxic men and neo-feminist! By the way this is NOT good.

  6. Exerting control- modeling good behaviors is one thing, however controlling money, black mailing, playing family against one another etc. is dangerous and break up your family.

  7. Dominating- personalities are a more aggressive form of exerting control they set the LAW of the land and there is no room for compromise everyone else is property.

  8. Exploitation- this is emotional kidnapping and financial dependency.

  9. Babying- is the abuse of power where parents do not let their children grow up and the parent lives vicariously thru controlling their children.

  10. Judgment and criticizing-, we all know what this looks like...when are you getting married, what's wrong with your hair, when are you finishing your degree etc. It is basically criticism for no reason generally hurtful. Purpose is to point out things that should not matter in the grand scheme of things and are normally to pit family members against each other, control, or minimize your accomplishments.

  11. Withholding love-, in my opinion one of the most egregious as it requires little effort other than to allow yourself to feel care and compassion. The problem is when you don't know what this is or experience a toxic delusion of love you can't give it!

  12. Stopped caring-failure to pay attention to what is going on in your home, failed to check in to see how people are feeling. Failed at sitting down at the table and share a meal minus technology and simply talk to one another undistracted.

The twelve common situations are the culmination of the canvas, and now knowing what this looks look at the ugly picture you created. Are you ready to reveal this mess to the public or extended family and your friends...guess what! Chances are the masterpiece in their homes is not priceless art either. So maybe check out of keeping up with the Jones, the Kardashians, or the Housewives of fake ass county.

So this menagerie of mess is hanging over the fireplace in your home but gives no life, no joy, and is glaring back at you, looks like the question is how you paint over this bullshit or trash it in the most extreme situation?

The obvious is to change your environment, and although this is often easier said than done, my suggestion is to try to heal the harm. You don't close the door on those that you love unless they are so toxic you can't stand to be around these vampires.

We live in an era where the satanic power elite cannot prosper if you fix and heal the harm. As long as there is division the agenda wins, when we wake up and remember who we are fighting back together in harmony is the power you need to save your family.

Mankind may or may not have innate darkness, these destructive behaviors are a part of our species, so as these images were etch-a-sketched into our psyche the artist in you can paint a new pictur

So, we address the Art of Living in a toxic environment, we talked about things to look for so you can identify the behaviors in your family and or relationships. Are you looking for more information and or solutions, become a Patreon member and check back in for more information to help you and your loved ones take back your power. Tune in to the Forever Friends Podcast for the answers you can use.

Disclaimer: All information is for entertainment purposes and not to be considered as medical advice. We are not trained psychologist or psychiatrist, sociologist this information is obtained from the public domain. All research data is listed below in the reference section.

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