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Stop wasting your energy

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Hi family we hope you are doing well during these troubling times, we wanted to take a moment to suggest to you to “Stop wasting your energy.” If you are asking yourself why a statement as such it’s as simple as this.

In this apocalyptic world the more things come to light the more people are distracted. People see and hear only what appeals to their egos and not what should resonate in their spirit.

We know so much fear, foolishness, and filth perverts our hearts, and minds you must be grounded in the truth to see outside of this sick perversion of life.

Those of us freethinkers able to see past this madness are, cancelled, called conspiracy theorist, mocked, and they attempt to shut us down. I say to you again, “stop wasting your energy.”

I should be more accurate, so let me be impeccable with my words, stop wasting your energy on the blind, and weak minded. Use this time to get your spirit and your homes in order!

We have little time if any to get our lives and homes in acceptable order. You don’t have to be a Christian or even spiritual to understand these next words.

“For we wrestle not against the flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

If you are connected to source, you understand that there is NO SUCH THING AS THE NEW NORMAL, it is the same tragic movie that has NEVER stopped playing. These are the images you will not see on the evening news!

With folks falling out under mysterious circumstances, and as our dearly departed brother Prince would say….Sign of the times…. How do you reconcile falling prey to foolishness, foolish people, and the fleeting fuckery on social media.

No one has time for this, the fix is in. Play blind if you want, no one is coming to help you. Not your government, not your job, friends, and the foes will only come for yours.

Let me be 100% transparent, do I have social media accounts, YEP, do I every now and again listen to some of the foolishness and or watch…YEP…why you may asks as I am preaching….My granny use to say you have to stay in step with the Devil to keep your eye on him and understand his plans.

Stop wasting your energy family, even if it is with your kin folk. I will tell you right now, whatever you do or don’t do that makes you feel comfortable in your spirit…More power to you.

As the news feeds you horror stories of a NEW potential MERS….Co…you know the rest, you might want to pay attention to what is going on in the grocery stores. The post office, your interest rates, the price of gas. Just keeping it 100.

I am not interested in the latest dance craze on tic-tock. Please stop sending me post of Bishop do wrong and lets talk about why the not-so-news network won’t talk about what is really in the Mark of the Beast GMO vac….

I give it up to my creator, my resolve is strong, and I only have energy to do what I can. Do your research family, spend your time creating harmony in your broken relationships with people that REALLY matter. Stockpile hardback books with relevant information that can help you and your family make it to see a new day. Stockpile your pantry these shelves are getting scary.

Download information while you can and look to the skies. Not for a risen savior, not for the alien invasion. Look to the sky and remember you have a creator that gave you intelligence. Look to the sky so you can get your free vitamin D from the Sun to boost your immunity and your mood.

If for no other reason, look to the sky because high frequency energy rises, if your head is always down in your mind control technology devices you can’t see the sneaky MoFo with the knife stabbing you in the back to steal what you have prepared for you and yours.

It's real out here family a Suttle reminder...stop wasting your energy, on the sleeping conformist order followers. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, use your energy for your rise.

There is a war on for your mind, we encourage you to keep coming back for more content and show updates. Support our mission on Patreon and other platforms to come.

Stay well, be happy, love hard, and be vigilant.

Disclosure, some links are to affiliate pages. The information contained in this blog is for entertainment purposes. Please contact your healthcare provider for any updates surrounding medical information alluded to in this presentation.

Chapter 1 - Circular 92 | U.S. Copyright Office. Any likeness of any person real or fictitious is purely coincidental and not intentional.

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